Themba Fleet

Themba Fleet powers our logistics solutions:  reliability meets efficiency!

At Themba, we take pride in our extensive fleet of vehicles, meticulously maintained to the highest standards. Our modern and diverse fleet is equipped with cutting-edge technology, ensuring optimal performance and safety on every journey. 


Rolling out reliability

Maintenance is the backbone of our fleet’s reliability. Our skilled technicians conduct regular inspections and servicing, guaranteeing that our vehicles are always road-ready. With our dedicated in-house workshops and strategic partnership with Grain Carriers, one of South Africa’s leading transport companies, we uphold swift turnaround times, minimizing downtime and maximizing productivity.

Behind the wheel of every Themba vehicle, you’ll find a team of skilled and experienced drivers. Safety is our top priority, and our drivers undergo rigorous training and adhere to strict safety protocols, delivering your goods securely and on time.

Versatility is the key to our fleet’s success. We have the flexibility to cater to your unique requirements, be it large-scale contract transport or custom transport demands. With a reputation for reliability and efficiency, we are the partner you can trust to handle your transportation needs.

Experience seamless and tailored transport solutions with Themba Fleet. Get in touch today to discuss your specific requirements and let us empower your business with a reliable and efficient transportation service.

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